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We will be collecting items for the homeless in February. Please drop off donations in the box in the narthex. Below is a list of items to donate. For more info please see Anita Fox.

Shopping List (non-alcohlic, non-aerosol, new items):

Medications (not expired)

  • Ibuprofen, Advil or Aleve
  • Cough drops (sugar free too!)
  • Chapstick, Vaseline
  • Antifungal Cream
  • Vicks Vaporub (child and adult)
  • Orajel (adult), Polygrip

Hygiene (travel size preferred)

  • Deodorant, disposable razors and shaving cream (Need the most)
  • Travel size toothpast
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • Sanitary pads and tampons (regular/super)


  • Diapers (especially size 4 and 5) and Depends
  • Women's and men's insulated winter gloves, and hats
  • White cotton socks - crew length (Need the most)
  • Pocket Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer