Welcome to Rose of Sharon Lutheran Church

Why worship? God gives you the gift of salvation through faith in Christ alone. God loves everyone and wants everyone to be saved and have a good relationship with him. God wants you to worship him with fellow believers. Worship services are where sinners hear the word of God and have their sins forgiven and have our relationship with God restored. Our purpose is to share the free gift of salvation given by Jesus Christ to all. To love God and serve our neighbors. We are a spiritual community.

Rose of Sharon Lutheran is a Christian church. We believe that God so loved the world that God gave his son, Jesus Christ, to save sinners. God demands perfection. We are not perfect because we have not loved God with our whole heart and we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. Ever think a bad thought? Welcome to the club of sinners. The Good News is that the gift of salvation and eternal life is a free gift from God won through Jesus’ perfect life, death and resurrection. Come and worship and know that God loves you and wants to give you faith and salvation.

At Rose of Sharon we adhere to the Biblical teachings of the Christian Church. Our mission is is to proclaim by word and deed the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to the world of our day.

Our worship service is liturgical with both traditional hymns and contemporary music. First and third Sunday's are with Holy communion. Saturday service is more informal. The name of our church comes from the Bible in Song of Solomon 2:1 “I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.”

Contact Information

Pastor: Martin Schoenfeld

Phone:  651-459-3551